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The Future of Packaging

It’s about maximizing efficiency and capacity…

All organizations construct their resources and capabilities around their most important functions; making their products. Packaging is an entirely separate, but necessary, function that distracts them from their main goal. Total Packaging Services has streamlined the packaging process, providing the expertise, man power, facilities, and flexibility to handle any product from any industry, regardless of volume. This allows our partners to focus their energy on what they do best – creating new efficiencies while decreasing overhead… Welcome to the future of packaging.

Map of Packaging Cycle

Packaging isn’t about providing a box, but implementing a solution. Many organizations need a resource that know the complex nature of working with multiple substrates, dealing with product quality assurance, or utilization of a skilled labor force.

Our Expertise


TPS has built our organization around what we do best; designing packaging solutions that are tailor fit to our customers. We strive for excellence with every customer, creating a complete turnkey solution for all your organization’s packaging needs.

Custom Solutions

Total Packaging Services is here to help; whether a company utilizes all of our packaging services or chooses the ones that best fit their company’s needs. Our consultants provide a tailored solution to ensure your needs are being met.


The keys to sustainable growth are in simplifying everyday business functions. TPS is designed to streamline the packaging process in order to free up your resources. Hand off the responsibility of packaging into the hands of your qualified TPS consultants.

The Handoff

Total Packaging Services provides the freedom for organizations to focus on what they do best and continue to get better. Imagine what could be accomplished if companies were able to place all their concentration on what they set out to do in the first place. Just like every successful organization delegates within, you can now delegate your packaging responsibilities to a trustworthy organization. Reducing your overhead, and increasing productivity.


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