Manufacturing of Packaging

TPS’s manufacturing capabilities span to multiple substrates from corrugated, Chip Board, Custom Foam, Retail Displays, and so much more. This versatility allows our team to design out of the box solutions. Imagine a Manufacturing facility totally centered around customer need.

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Custom Packaging Design

True packaging design starts with understanding the needs of a product and an organization. Putting the customer or product needs ahead of capabilities. TPS sets out to design the best solution regardless of the substrate. Using 3D modeling, Prototyping, and 3rd Party Testing, helps give our customers confidence in the solutions we present. Designing around our customers, not the other way around.

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Clean Room Environments

TPS has multiple levels of clean environments to handle all classes of product and services. Each environment is designed to be scaled to fit the need of the product. Adhering to ISO clean room standards to measure particulate levels, temperature, humidity and more.

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Customizable Facilities

Total Packaging Services has designed workspaces that can be customized around necessary functions, designating work areas to support any business and fit your product’s needs. If that means building assembly lines, constructing jigs, or even a modular clean rooms. TPS has the resources to convert our floor space to meet your organizational standards.


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Size can complicate things for most Packaging companies, but TPS is not most packaging companies. We have in-house converting capabilities necessary to handle any size, shape or skew you could think of.

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Market Versatility

Total Packaging Services’ flexibility allows us to call on a variety of markets, from retail and food Service, to pharmaceuticals, automotive and government contracting. TPS has worked hard to earn the certifications and construct processes that apply to many different markets. Your job is to figure out how to make the product and ours is to figure out the best way to pack it.

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