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Client's Need

Custom Tailored Solution

When you are transporting glass wafers with a thickness measured in Microns, you need to get creative. There was a desperate need to create custom packaging that not only protected the product, but increase efficiency in packaging.

Warehouse Limitations

Coresix is in the business of making glass, not packaging. Adding additional space to accommodate pallets of packaging supplies and materials would take away from their core efficiency.  

Packaging Consultation

Designing packaging solutions as an operations manager and be tiresome and time consuming. Coresix doesn’t have the time or expertise to create cost effective, custom packaging solutions.

Our Solution

Packaging ingenuity and creativity are what makes TPS unique. Using multiple substrates designed around each application helps Coresix focus on innovation of their own products. Developing stocking agreements keeps their floor filled with products that help make them money. TPS regularly consults with Coresix on new and existing items to ensure that every solution is current and effectively meeting the need. 

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