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Almost every Craft brewer faces the same challenges when it comes to growing their businesses. That’s why we developed a system to support growth while reducing overhead.

Client's Need


Brewing, constructing, packing, shipping, receiving, printing, ordering and the list goes on. These are just a few things that make a big space small, and a simple process complex.

Packing Efficiency

The team mindset is strong. Everyone’s willing to do what is necessary to survive. But survival rarely coexists with growth. In order to keep up with a demand, with customers as well as their distributors. Key people have to stand in the gaps to make sure orders are being fulfilled; which pulls away from production.

Manageable Material Cost

When ordering packaging materials, volume is king. However, when you have variety in the product you produce (like all breweries do), it’s not always feasible to order those high volumes… and even if you do, where do you put it?

Our Solution

Total Packaging Services saw a need, and created a comprehensive solution that not only solved organizational headaches but empowered growth and instant ROI. Solving the space issue was easy; we have it. In our facility, we house bottles, master cases, and six pack carriers in order to erect, pack and ship out a nearly finished product. This allows the brewery to focus on one thing… Brewing! The more beer they produce, the faster we must supply the packaging. We develop ways to refine and perfect our processes in order to, not only meet the order, but stay ahead of demand, and be ready at a moment’s notice. We work together to define release quantities of all materials, to insure the best price, every time!  Most importantly, TPS recognizes a growing breweries need to have a partner that could continue to grow with them. 

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