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Client's Need

Quality Assurance

When the contents of your package are extremely valuable, you are going ensure it makes it to the end customer unscathed. This can be a long and arduous task that can distract you from your main objectives.


Difficulty to Convert

Not all packaging companies have the ability to run large, awkward packaging; especially with strict tolerance restraints. Also dealing with multiple substrates on a single project can prove to be difficult.  


Focused Efforts

DuPont thrives off of research and development, the latest and greatest technologies and techniques; having a trusted vendor to handle their packaging needs, allows them to focus their efforts on product innovation and reimagining possibilities.


Our Solution

Total Packaging Services takes pride in the fact that we are an organization that specializes in those odd jobs that do not quite fit with traditional brown box manufacturers; finding efficiency where most packaging companies see road blocks. We worked closely with our customer to take the process they had utilized, increased its efficiency, enhanced the process, and implemented their quality checks to insure a consistent, high-quality product.

Our facility is designed to handle the toughest jobs, regardless of substrate. Our production experts design work areas to accomplish each job in such a way that we enhance the productivity, efficiency, and quality of all jobs we are running.

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