Product Rework / Repair / Protection

Sometimes “stuff happens”, and when manufactures or wholesalers are dealing in high volume, product rework and repairs can drastically disrupt your production schedule. Total Packaging Services serves as an intermediary between you and your customers, allowing production to stay on track and helping prevent loss of time and money. Regardless of the task, you can count on TPS to provide a complete solution.

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Contract Packaging

From food service, lipstick and cups, to pharmaceuticals, gift packs and mattresses, TPS has the processes and the certifications necessary to pack any product across industry lines. This service gives many organizations the ability to free up precious production space and man power, enabling them to run at full capacity.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an enormous responsibility that must be taken seriously. Total Packaging Services has developed processes to handle all of the tasks that are associated with running an effective QA program.

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Assembly, Bundling and Sorting

In every organization there are jobs that get in the way of necessary functions. Tedious disruptions divide personnel and distract from organizational goals. When production is stopped in order to sort incoming materials, bundle products, organize kits, or assemble, both time and money is lost. Don’t let these tasks interrupt production and inhibit growth. Revolutionize your production without adding overhead by allowing TPS to handle the things you don’t want to!

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Package Design & Manufacturing

From conception to completion, Total Packaging Services is with you the entire way. Equipped with two full time designers and graphic artists that personally work with you throughout the development process. TPS is dedicated to creating a solution, custom fit to the needs of our partners.. The agility and flexibility TPS can bring to your organization is just another essential piece of the packaging puzzle. 

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Workforce Extension

High volume, busy production seasons, limited space, labor intensive jobs, etc? Total Packaging Services works in conjunction with many organizations as an extension of their labor force. Our qualified team works to mimic our customer’s internal processes in order to achieve consistent results. Regardless of the task, you can lean on TPS to handle anything from consistent orders to one time runs.

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